Managing Your Credits

This page provides guidance on purchasing credits and enrolling in Airbyte Cloud’s Free Connector Program.

Buy credits

Airbyte credits are used to pay for Airbyte resources when you run a sync. You can purchase credits on Airbyte Cloud to keep your data flowing without interruption.

To buy credits:

  1. On the Airbyte Cloud dashboard, click Billing in the navigation bar.

  2. If you are unsure of how many credits you need, click Talk to Sales to find the right amount for your team.

  3. Click Buy credits.

  4. The Stripe payment page displays. If you want to change the amount of credits, click the Qty 200 dropdown. The Update quantity dialog displays, and you can either type the amount or use minus () or plus (+) to change the quantity. Click Update.

    To buy more credits or a subscription plan, reach out to Sales.

  5. Fill out the payment information.

    After you enter your billing address, sales tax is calculated and added to the total.

  6. Click Pay.

    Your payment is processed. The Billing page displays the available credits, total credit usage, and the credit usage per connection.

    A receipt for your purchase is sent to your email. Email us for an invoice.


    Credits expire after one year if they are not used.

    Enroll in the Free Connector Program

    The Free Connector Program allows you to sync connections with alpha or beta connectors at no cost.


    You must be enrolled in the program to use alpha and beta connectors for free. If either the source or destination is in alpha or beta, the whole connection is free to sync. When both the source and destination of a connection become generally available (GA), the connection will no longer be free. We will email you two weeks before both connectors in a connection move to GA.

    Before enrolling in the program, set up at least one alpha or beta connector and verify your email if you haven't already.

    To enroll in the program:

    1. On the Airbyte Cloud dashboard, click Credits in the navigation bar.

    2. Click Enroll now in the Free Connector Program banner.

    3. Click Enroll now.

    4. Input your credit card information and click Save card.


    Credit card information is required, even if you previously bought credits on Airbyte Cloud. This ensures uninterrupted syncs when both connectors move to GA.

    Since alpha and beta connectors are still in development, support is not provided. For additional resources, check out our Connector CatalogTroubleshooting & FAQ, and our Community Slack.

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