BigQuery Destination Troubleshooting


This article includes common issues users encounter when setting up a BigQuery Destination Connector. For a step by step guide on setting up BigQuery destination, please follow our documentation.

Setup issues

  • Forgetting to input your Service Account Key JSON


  • Not inputting the entire Service Account Key JSON, make sure to include the brackets on either end


      "type": "service_account",

      "project_id": "airbyte-*******",

      "private_key_id": "***************************",

      "private_key": "-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----\****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************\n-----END PRIVATE KEY-----\n",

      "client_email": "*******@airbyte-*****",

      "client_id": "*******************",

      "auth_uri": "",

      "token_uri": "",

      "auth_provider_x509_cert_url": "",

      "client_x509_cert_url": "******%40airbyte-*******",

      "universe_domain": ""


  • Improper Bucket settings for GCS staging
    •  Grant the Storage Admin (roles/storage.admin) IAM role on the bucket
    • Set the Protection Tools to none or Object versioning
    • Make sure the bucket does not have a retention policy

Connection issues

  • Pickling client objects is explicitly not supported

    • Set up GCS staging on your BigQuery instance
      • If issue persists after setting up GCS staging, drop all related tables in BigQuery and reset your connection
  • Cannot read and write in different locations

    • Confirm/Edit the location of your GCS staging set up to match your DB location
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