Cron Expressions for Custom Sync Timing

Airbyte utilizes Quartz Cron Expressions to allow users to establish a schedule for their syncs. This can be achieved by going to a connection's replication tab and clicking on "Configuration". From there select Cron on the dropdown menu for "Replication Frequency" and then input your Quart Cron Expression and choose the timezone you want it to be set in. Quart Cron uses different expression than Unix Cron. The current maximum sync frequency is hourly. If your use case requires more frequent syncs please submit a ticket and the Support team can determine if your connection qualifies for an override.


This Cron Generator can assist in creating proper cron expressions.


One last note, Airbyte utilizes Jitter to protect our resources from being overloaded when many syncs are all scheduled to kick off at the same time. This may lead to your sync's start time varying by no more than 30 minutes after the scheduled start time.


Example Expressions:

Every 3 hours every day

0 0 0/3 ? * * *

At 11:30 PM every day 0 30 23 ? * * *
Every 3 hours between hours 08 AM and 5 PM, every day between Monday and Friday 0 0 8-17/3 ? * MON-FRI *


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